Electronic material co., LTD., founded in jiangmen e. bridge2006Years9Month,The registered capital1000Ten thousand yuan。The company is located in beautiful scenery、Famous overseas Chinese are full of the pearl river delta-Jiangmen city high-tech industrial development zone。Since2006Since its establishment in e. bridge,After e. bridge people's hard work, 2007E. bridge set up in chemistry(Hong Kong)International co., LTD;2011The company invested in,Create production base in jiangxi,Photographic technology co., LTD. Was set up in jiangxi e. bridge;2013In the company's products of foreign trade general steady growth,With the development of the company set up the Shanghai foreign trade company。So far in shenzhen、In chongqing、Suzhou city, jiangsu province、Wenzhou、India、Europe、South Korea and other places set up offices。

1、UV-LEDInkjet patent
2、ULCertification (hum
3、PCBIntroduction to the printed circuit board
4、The structure of the dry film to resist、Photosensitive glue line
5、Photosensitive resistance to corrosion resistance of electroplating ink application and development
6、Heat resistance of light-cured solder resist ink
7、The inner line level of ink roller coating industry

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